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The Recognized Global Leader in Financial Remittance

M2 is the new generation of money transfer services. M2 smoothly facilitates the connection of dissimilar sending and receiving providers to easily interconnect their services, greatly expanding the potential of today's closed remittance solutions.

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Transaction Processing

M2 offers the most comprehensive and robust payment processing solutions available.

  • Most Competitive Rates Available
  • Comprehensive Merchant Reporting
  • Industry Leading Security
  • Multiple Connectivity Platforms
  • Accept High Risk Processing
  • Card and Program Management

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The M2 Family

M2 is comprised of a family of vertically integrated companies:

  • M2 Payment Solutions, Inc.
  • The processing company
  • M2 Systems Corporation
  • The technology provider
  • M2 Financial, Ltd
  • The International arm of M2
  • M2 Europe, Ltd
  • Our European Subsidiary
  • M2 Mobile Worldwide
  • Creating mobile solutions
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